Max Lucado’s Before Amen

Before Amen

We’ve been going through a series at our church the past couple of Sundays about prayer. It has been such an eye opener. Prayer is such an important part of our walk with Jesus. It’s something that I struggle with, if we’re being honest. I worry if I’m doing it right.

Am I saying the right words? Am I praising His name enough? Asking the right questions. Declaring the right promises.

Yada yada, the list goes on. I think too much. My prayers may become more centered around saying it right than the actual reason for praying. Human nature. It can be so superficial sometimes!

Last year I started reading a Max Lucado book during some really tough times in my life. His words really spoke to me. I adore his writing because I can understand it and it’s not boring. Sound silly, but that’s the kinda book that keeps my attention. I loved his writing so much that I read 11 of his books in about a month’s time. Craziness. I know.

Max Lucado has a new book coming out called Before Amen. It’s written about the simple, yet complex topic of prayer. I am so excited to dig into it and get his perspective. It comes out TOMORROW, September 30th and you can order it over at Family Christian. His books always make great gifts because of the blessings that they bring. I know they have for me.

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