God’s Grace Period


The hubby and I sat down the other night to pay a few bills. Try to contain your jealousy of our wild Tuesday night rendezvous. It was just about as awesome as it sounds. We will work on simmering down over here.

I was telling hubby the amount and due date of a certain bill when I came across a disclaimer underneath the total:

There is a 7-day grace period after which all balances will be considered late.

My first thought was why would anyone waste their time paying their bill on the actual due date when you have 7 whole days before it’s considered late? 

And then it occurred to me that my bill used the principle of grace. I hear about grace all the time at church, in my music, and in the Bible, but never on a bill. I don’t normally associate business and God both using equal principles, but I could just tell that God wanted me to make this connection that day.

I was caught off guard to be honest. Bills are annoying. I mean. I get tired of forking over money each and every month. But I sorta got this weird sense of peace when I read that part about grace. (I’ve read it before, but you know how God likes to bust out a BAM moment when you least expect it. It’s like reading the Bible more than once and noticing a verse that you never noticed before. It almost jumps out at you)

I started thinking about the grace that God, Himself gives to us. It’s all for absolutely nothing. We aren’t even paying Him monthly! In fact, the very definition of grace is the free and unmerited favor of God.

Just wow.

Favor and blessings given directly to us from the King of Kings who reigns over ALL. No strings attached. It’s just His character. What a mighty God that He is to shower us with favor. Our bill with Him is paid. His son Jesus paid our debt and essentially every single late fee we could ever incur. 

For His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. – John 1:16

We are given blessings instead of curses. Love instead of hate. Reward instead of punishment. Strength instead of weakness. Life instead of death.

And that grace period? Yeah, it’s eternal. Never-ending. Never-failing. Forever ours with no late fee.