Why Me God? I’m Not Strong Enough

Why Me

As humans, we spend a lot of time wondering why. I’m pretty positive that the animals in the deserts don’t wonder why it’s so dry. Sure, they may be thirsty but that feeling of needing to know the answer why seems to be a human trait. I find myself wondering the whys of life quite often. Especially when something directly affects me.

The Lord has certainly placed a lot on my shoulders throughout my life and especially these last few years. I’ve faced many trials and tribulations that have been so incredibly difficult that I’ve found myself asking God why.

Why would you let me endure this?

Why did you allow this to happen to me?

Why can’t you just take it away?

I question God about His plan as though I, little human Amy, might have a better one. I am usually humbled with every answer that I get from God. I imagine God giggling at me when I start to ask why. He might even be placing his hand on His belly with a smirk on His face thinking, If only she knew what was going to come of this.

In the book of Job, Job is put in the midst of some pretty heavy stuff. It’s a trial like I could never imagine. Did Job deserve it? No. I, myself, was freaking out for Job as I was reading it. How much more could he endure? In the end, we learn from that story that we aren’t always being put through something because of sin or as a means of punishment. Sometimes we are simply put through something to come out on the other end and praise God for His sovereignty, His love for us, for His glory.

With every trial that I have come through and even through some that I am still walking through, I am reminded of three things.


Even when I am questioning God and His plan, I am given such beautiful grace. I do not deserve it, but my God who is in the highest pours it out without thought.


As I struggle with any hard time, my faith is always being tested. It’s pretty easy to give up on God when times are hard. Faith can weaken and the enemy has a foothold to grasp an inch. These are the times when our faith should increase the most. As I walk in my spiritual journey, this is one of the hardest for me. I’m a white-knuckler and letting God take over can be hard. But I am always reminded that in order to be free, I must give it to Him. I show my faith in my God who will help me to overcome anything!

To Let Go

This one is so simple and yet sooooooo very hard for me. It goes hand in hand with faith, except it can also be physical. With the battle that I’ve been fighting, there is a physical aspect and it is something that I find extremely hard to let go of. A man at church gave a testimony last night that spoke to me very deeply about letting things go. He said it wasn’t easy. Nope. But when you loosen your grip on this thing and hand it to God, he will bless you. It’s hard. Oh boy is it hard. That’s why I’m still walking through this y’all. But I promise, the endurance, strength, and grace that comes from God will get you through.

I could use prayers if you have them. And I hope that this encourages you with anything that you might be walking through. You know that saying “God won’t give you any more than you can handle.” That is one of the biggest lies. He will. He has given me WAY more than I can handle. But HE can handle it. And that is precisely why He wants me to lean on Him. To trust. And to ask for strength, endurance, and His power.

Nothing is too small or too big for God. 

New Series: 21 Days of Affirmation

days of affirmation


I’m starting a new series today on something that I have always found difficult. If you’ve ever felt down on yourself or sought to really dig in and change negative thinking, you may have been told to say affirmations.

Affirmation, (noun)- emotional support or encouragement.

This is one of those things mentioned in Gary Chapman’s book The Heart of the 5 Love Languages. Words of affirmation is a biggie in that book. And he explains that some folks receive love better with sweet words. So your partner would benefit from knowing that so they can speak your looooooooove language.

But what about ourselves? How can we truly show that we love ourselves if we speak negativity about ourselves? I will be the first to say that I struggle with putting myself down on a regular basis. I have trouble actually believing positive words about myself, but  straight from the Bible, these are the ultimate truths. This is precisely the reason that I wanted to do this series with you. It’s probably more for me than you! I would love for you to join me in challenging ourselves to speak these truths over us each day.


The challenge: each day that I post a new affirmation, say them to yourself OUT LOUD at least 5 times that day. This can be when you first wake up, when you’re driving down the road, when you’re laying down to sleep, when you’re feeling low, when you’re feeling great about yourself, or at anytime you please. Even if all 5 have to be said in the same minute! There is power in words.

Each time a new affirmation is posted, add that one to the list! And at the end of this little challenge, I pray that you begin to believe these truths about who are you are not only to yourself, but to Christ. I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts about each of the affirmations and I’d love for you to give me yours as well. Let’s get started!

I am accepted

To the praise of the glory of his grace, in which he has made us accepted in the beloved. -Ephesians 1:6

How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! -Psalm 139:17

Even though we fall short of perfection (which is ok you know!), by His grace, we are completely accepted. It’s extremely hard for me to accept that I am accepted. If that makes any such sense at all. But the fact of the matter is that no matter what we have done and no matter what we will do, God will always have us.

His thoughts are always on us. They can’t even be numbered! It’s kinda like being in that beginning stage of love. You know, when you’re on the phone saying “no, YOU hang up”. God feels that way about us all the time.

When someone else says something bad about us behind our back.
When we wake up with nappy hair and stinky breath.
When our jeans fit too tightly.
When we were speeding the other day on I24. (this may or may not be a true story)
And even when we are hard on ourselves (which I am all the time), God still accepts us then.

How can we ever be worried about rejection with a love as amazing as that? I am going to ponder this very affirmation each day through this series.

Do you have trouble with feeling accepted by others? Do you find comfort in the fact that the only person’s acceptance that we need to worry about is God’s? Leave me a comment!