A Little Fun Carving Pumpkins

IMG_2361It doesn’t seem like it’s time for Halloween just yet. I still can’t believe that summer is over. We are already making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans! Wasn’t that just last month or something?

We always have trouble deciding when to carve our pumpkins. The girls are always chompin’ at the bit to get them done, but knowing that they go bad so quickly I like to hold off as long as possible. This year we carved them not too far into October. Just as expected, they began to go bad that same week. But we still have the memories!

Here’s a peek into our fun. Each one of us picked out our favorite design. In the beginning I was really ambitious. Picking out intricate things that looked cool.

That didn’t last long. 


Meet what was supposed to be Olaf. Yeah, not so much. I ran out of room for his eyes so they ended up way far apart. And his nose? Kinda looks like a piece of candy corn on steroids..

But I will say this. He looked much better in the dark!


 Addie loved her pumpkin anyway!


This is Britton’s kitty cat. Was probably the easiest one that I did. And get this, I didn’t even use a pattern. I’m like a pumpkin-carving ninja.


She adored her kitty. She did not enjoy getting the goop out of the inside. 🙂


This is my pumpkin. All by hand again. I know, I know. I need to have my own pumpkin-carving reality show. This flower was easy. And just a tad simple, but it was cute!


Here’s my pumpkin. I had just carved 3 of them so I was poooooooped.


Hubby did a fantastic job on his John 3:16 pumpkin. It was seriously representin’ when lit!


He was so proud. He should be! And by the way, he’s such a hottie isn’t he?!


I’m throwing this one in there for you. It’s what happens when the hubby takes the pictures. He snaps a billion of them creating a cartoon like strip of photos where you look both stupid and hilarious at the same time.

What about you? Did you carve pumpkins early on or do you wait?