Saving Money on Eye Glasses with Zenni Optical

Zenni Glasses


It seems like we are always having to buy things besides the essentials isn’t it? Like meds for that ridiculous cough (thanks to the weather that has no idea what season it wants to be) or for a last minute trip to the auto shop because of an oil leak. It’s never ending. And then you go to the eye doctor and your prescription has gotten worse!

Yes, you are going completely blind. Well, I am anyways. Or maybe you were blessed with wonderful sight like my husband! That’s awesome. But for those of us who are blind, we have to buy glasses. Even if only to wear at night before bed.

I have been using Zenni Optical for years. Ever since I found out about them, I have been getting my glasses there because I tend to go through glasses like I do my sunglasses. That usually means they get lost or I sit on them or a child has used them as a play toy. Whatever the case, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them. And Zenni has been my go-to place.

The price of the glasses that you purchase at Zenni Optical can range from $6.95 all the way to $49+ but they all include your frames and lenses. Some add-ons are extra but here’s what they all come with for FREE:

  • FREE Anti-Scratch Coating
  • FREE Thin and Light Single Vision Lenses
  • FREE Full UV Protection
  • FREE Protective Case
  • FREE Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

And the last couple times they have sent me a pupilary distance measurer thingy. It comes in handy since you have to know that to order. You will also need to know your eye prescription (from your eye doctor). You can simply request it from them at your appt or give them a call.

The glasses above are just $6.95! They even offer bifocal and progressive lenses.¬†Shipping is around $4.95. They will save your prescription so you can reorder if…you know, disaster strikes!

If you need glasses or are just thinking about it, save your money and check out Zenni Optical!

What Is Gathering Grain?

What is Gathering Grain

WELCOME to Gathering Grain! I’m so glad that you have found your way here. If you’ve followed any of my other blogs before then you’re probably wondering what this gathering grain concept is. So I thought it would be fitting to just explain it to ya in my first post.

The verse above is honestly my biggest inspiration for this blog. I love the story of Joseph from the Bible because I can relate to him and some of his struggles. He showed amazing examples of forgiveness, humility, leadership, and stewardship. As a stay at home mom, stewardship sometimes isn’t easy. But it is something that I want to always be improving on.

Stewardship- responsible management of our God-given resources of time, talent, and treasure.

This blog is not about how I am a perfect steward of the resources given to me by God. It’s not about how you are the perfect steward either. It’s about gathering the grain given to us in abundance. Grain is our money, our household, our relationships, our children, and all the blessings that we gather.