Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slow Cooker $13.99

Crockpot 7 Quart


I’ve been looking for slow cookers online this morning since mine is on it’s last leg. Not an ideal situation for a mommy who thinks quite highly of these life savers. Spotted this deal over at Kohl’s today and thought I’d share in case YOU were looking for one too!

NICE deal on this Crock-Pot 7 Quart Slow Cooker which comes in 4 colors might I add! Normally $39.99, it’s on sale now for $29.99.

But wait, there’s more!

Use the code SAVE20LPS to get 20% off your order. Then submit for this $10 rebate making the slow cooker just $13.99 in the end!

Coupon code expires 5/1 and the rebate is good through 4/30. Shipping is FREE on orders over $75 and you can receive $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend!

FREE Kit Kat Via SavingStar!

Free Kit Kat

I’m just a little bit excited about this one. I like to surprise hubby with a candy bar when I come home from the grocery store sometimes. But a FREE Kit Kat? Uh, you can bet for sure that he’s gettin’ himself a candy bar soon!

So here’s the deal if you want to get a Kit Kat too:

  1. Head over to SavingStar and sign up. You can learn more about SavingStar below.
  2. Activate the freebie by saying that You Want It.
  3. Purchase a Kit Kat 1.5 oz candy bar before the end of 4/27.
  4. Receive 100% of the purchase price back in your SavingStar account making it completely FREE!

This is ONLY available through 4/27! Check back next Friday for a new freebie!

SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

SavingStar is an eCoupon program where you can save money without even clipping coupons. Sign up for SavingStar then link your account to your favorite grocery and drugstore loyalty cards. (ie Kroger, Publix, CVS, Walgreens etc.) Load the eCoupons you like to your loyalty cards and purchase them while at the store. Receive the coupon amount into your SavingStar account within 2-22 days.

Once you have reached just $5 you can cash out in the form of bank deposit, PayPal, or even an Amazon gift card! You can also shop online to receive cashback through SavingStar as well.

Zulily: Infinity Scarves As Low As $6.99

Infinity Scarf


Huge fan of Zulily over here. I think I’ve gotten my last 2 infinity scarves here because they are so cheap.

For one more day, they are having an event with up to 60% off Infinity Scarves. The one above is just $7.99! Some are already gone, but there are still tons of other cute ones left.

Shipping is around $5.95, BUT after you pay for shipping on one item you get FREE shipping through the rest of the weekend.

Head to Zulily and click on Last Day. It should be the very first event there.

Local Readers: Gil’s Ace Hardware $15 for $30 in Supplies



If you’re in the Smyrna, TN area then you’ve probably seen or been into Gil’s Ace Hardware before. The sign makes it seem more like an amusement park than a hardware store, but when you go in you quickly see that it’s just that. I’ve been here a few times and loved their hometown service. I once ordered some jars online and forgot to go get them. They must have called a million times trying to make sure that I got my jars.

Today, Amazon has an offer for this store that might be handy for spring planting or working in the yard.

Spend $15 for $30 in supplies at Gil’s Ace Hardware. It appears that you can use this on anything except for gift cards. Limit 2 per purchaser. Entire voucher must be used in a single visit.

Today only!

Gathering Organization: Manuals and Warranties

Manuals and Warranties

I’m trying to be more organized these days when it comes to my home. We moved recently and things were quite a mess when it was time to transfer them from one home to another. Hey, we’re learning right? So this time around, I’m pretty serious about trying organize a little better. I am NOT Miss Organization. In fact, if you find something organized in my home it’s usually out of desperation or force. There, I’ve admitted it now we can move on.

That is why I was absolutely ecstatic when we arrived at our new home and the previous owner had put together this fantastically organized binder. I knew that I had to share it with you! I can’t take credit, but I can use the idea to bless others since it has blessed me so much.

Warranties are VERY important. As are the manuals that accompany products that you may have to troubleshoot or just learn how to use. Grab a sturdy binder at the store along with some page protectors and put every bit of knowledge about these items inside it that you can.

Save your warranties!

Saving your warranties is SAVING YOU MONEY! If your product, appliance, etc. stops working, it could be under warranty which means the manufacturer will foot the cost of the fix and not you.

Save your manuals and documentation!

  • Directions! Who likes to actually use directions? Most definitely not men. Sometimes they actually do come in handy. Maybe after you’ve tried it the first time and it didn’t work.
  • Use it to learn about your product. How it works. When it needs cleaning.
  • Information about batteries, bulbs, or other parts necessary for the product.
  • Troubleshoot problems. Often times there are codes or red flags that manuals include simply for the consumer to be aware of!

Manuals and Warranties 1

I’m so thankful for this binder y’all. The appliances here are a lot newer than we are used to. There are beeps and codes being thrown almost everyday and I’ve had to reference these many times. Eye opener for home organization and stewarding the organization in our home for sure!

Have you lost your manual? You can download a manual for over 700,000 products at Manuals Online!

Friday Restaurant Round-Up 4/25

Restaurant Round Up


It’s Friday, YAY! The day we have been waiting for all week. You might end up taking a break from cooking for lunch or dinner over the weekend. If you do end up going out to eat, then check out the coupons below before you go to save a little money!

Tips for using restaurant coupons:

  • Read all of the fine print. Know before you go what the stipulations and restrictions are on the coupon so there are no surprises at the restaurant, ie- buy one get one free entrees often make the lesser valued entree free not the more expensive, one coupon per table, etc.
  • Tell your server that you have a coupon before you place your order. This is a huge help for your server when preparing your bill. It also helps to make sure you get what you are entitled to according to your coupon.
  • Tip based on total before coupon. This is good etiquette, the same as if you weren’t using a coupon. Base your tip on your service as your normally would.
  • Coupons are good through the very day they expire.

Smoky Bones
$5 Off $15 Purchase– Exp 4/27

Steak N Shake
FREE Classic Milkeshake with purchase of $10 Gift Card Exp 5/6

Mimi’s Cafe
Buy Any Breakfast or Dinner Entree, Get One FREE– Exp 5/10

Longhorn Steakhouse
$4 Off Purchase of Two Adult Dinner Entrees– Exp 5/4

Bob Evans
Buy One Breakfast Entree, Get One FREE– Exp 4/30

FREE Any Size Fountain Drink– Exp 4/30

20% Off Your Entire Check– Exp 4/27

That’s all I got for today! If you find any more, send them over and I’ll add them to the list!

Check back next Friday for more.

Why Me God? I’m Not Strong Enough

Why Me

As humans, we spend a lot of time wondering why. I’m pretty positive that the animals in the deserts don’t wonder why it’s so dry. Sure, they may be thirsty but that feeling of needing to know the answer why seems to be a human trait. I find myself wondering the whys of life quite often. Especially when something directly affects me.

The Lord has certainly placed a lot on my shoulders throughout my life and especially these last few years. I’ve faced many trials and tribulations that have been so incredibly difficult that I’ve found myself asking God why.

Why would you let me endure this?

Why did you allow this to happen to me?

Why can’t you just take it away?

I question God about His plan as though I, little human Amy, might have a better one. I am usually humbled with every answer that I get from God. I imagine God giggling at me when I start to ask why. He might even be placing his hand on His belly with a smirk on His face thinking, If only she knew what was going to come of this.

In the book of Job, Job is put in the midst of some pretty heavy stuff. It’s a trial like I could never imagine. Did Job deserve it? No. I, myself, was freaking out for Job as I was reading it. How much more could he endure? In the end, we learn from that story that we aren’t always being put through something because of sin or as a means of punishment. Sometimes we are simply put through something to come out on the other end and praise God for His sovereignty, His love for us, for His glory.

With every trial that I have come through and even through some that I am still walking through, I am reminded of three things.


Even when I am questioning God and His plan, I am given such beautiful grace. I do not deserve it, but my God who is in the highest pours it out without thought.


As I struggle with any hard time, my faith is always being tested. It’s pretty easy to give up on God when times are hard. Faith can weaken and the enemy has a foothold to grasp an inch. These are the times when our faith should increase the most. As I walk in my spiritual journey, this is one of the hardest for me. I’m a white-knuckler and letting God take over can be hard. But I am always reminded that in order to be free, I must give it to Him. I show my faith in my God who will help me to overcome anything!

To Let Go

This one is so simple and yet sooooooo very hard for me. It goes hand in hand with faith, except it can also be physical. With the battle that I’ve been fighting, there is a physical aspect and it is something that I find extremely hard to let go of. A man at church gave a testimony last night that spoke to me very deeply about letting things go. He said it wasn’t easy. Nope. But when you loosen your grip on this thing and hand it to God, he will bless you. It’s hard. Oh boy is it hard. That’s why I’m still walking through this y’all. But I promise, the endurance, strength, and grace that comes from God will get you through.

I could use prayers if you have them. And I hope that this encourages you with anything that you might be walking through. You know that saying “God won’t give you any more than you can handle.” That is one of the biggest lies. He will. He has given me WAY more than I can handle. But HE can handle it. And that is precisely why He wants me to lean on Him. To trust. And to ask for strength, endurance, and His power.

Nothing is too small or too big for God. 

Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle $5.99


Pretty sure there would never be bacon in this house if we didn’t have one of these. Pretty particular about my bacon being very flat and this is the way to go!

Kohl’s has this 20″ Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle for $19.99 (reg $39.99) right now, but you can end up grabbing it for only $5.99 with the steps below.

  1. Head over to Kohl’s and drop the 20″ Presto Cool Touch Electric Griddle into your bag.
  2. At checkout, enter the coupon code LOWEST20 to receive 20% off your order.
  3. Pay $15.99 + tax for your griddle.
  4. Submit your packing slip AND barcode label along with this rebate form to receive $10 back on your purchase!

In the end you’ll have paid just $5.99 + shipping for your griddle!

Could be a practical Mother’s Day gift!